Miniature and Toy Australian Shepherds


                        No matter how little money and how few                          

               possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich.

                                                             (Louis Sabin)

Snickers- 2 years old. Around 12 inches tall and weighs 14lbs. Clear on a full aussie panel. She is spayed and ready to go to a new home. She was sold as a puppy and I bought her back when she was an adult. She was not socialized in that home. She has taken some time but she loves attention from me and loves being in my lap. But she isn't friendly to any one she doesn't know. She is timid with my other dogs, but does play with a couple of them. Her new home will need to give her lots of patience and time to adjust to them. We are keeping her in the house and she is house trained. She is sleeping in a crate at night. $350.  

Shelby-6 years old. She is retired and spayed. Around 12 inches tall and weighs 14lbs. She is a DM carrier and clear on rest of aussie panel. She gets along great with all of our dogs and is our shadow when we're out and about. She is house trained and will sleep in a crate at night if you want. She is a typical aussie and is wary of strangers, so will take a little time to get to know you. But she is a sweetheart and once you win her over she wants to be with you at all times. Her one bad habit is she can climb a chain link fence. So if you need to keep her contained you will need to keep her in one that has a top on it. Because when i have her in our yard, if I go out of our yard and to the barn with the horses, she will go over the fence to be with me. $350.